Live Fast & Die Young
Live Fast & Die Young

Live Fast & Die Young

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cultural appropriation is putting fireflies in a jar

and letting them light up your bedroom

as you drift off to sleep.

and when you wake up all the lights have flickered out

but only when you’re older do you realize

you slowly suffocated them so

that you could enjoy their glow.

that just knocked the breath from me

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no Santa, they’re not gifts, they’re jifts.

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petting a dog and it goes to someone elseimage

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Romance is about the possibility…

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it’s taken me a while to realize that when it comes to certain things, some people just don’t want to understand. no matter how many facts you pull out, how convincing your argument is, they will not change or learn. they’d rather stay ignorant, and no amount of effort will change their minds.

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